Shipping & Packaging

I ordered two items, and I am located within Canada (ex. a hat and a pair of socks; or two pairs of socks etc.). Why have I only received one of the two items and where is the other one?

In Canada and on orders of two items or less, we ship our products out separately in vacuum-sealed packaging, each inside of a separate envelope. Each item ordered will be marked on the outside of the envelope with a number (ex. Item 1 of 2). Though both items are shipped the same day, they might be delivered at different times. Please wait a day or two as the second item is coming. If it doesn’t arrive within a few days after your first one, please contact us by clicking here.


Why do you ship orders of two items or less separately? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ship them together? Also, why is it only in Canada that this occurs?

This allows us to save you money by offering Free Shipping! You’ve already done your part by supporting a great cause through purchasing Fazl! No need to pay for expensive shipping just because you ordered one or 2 smaller items!

The second part of this question is simply because, well ... Canadian shipping on small items is really, really expensive Even when compared to shipping those same items to other parts of the world. We want to be able to provide Canadians with free shipping, as we do for everyone else.


I received a notification that my item has shipped. The notification includes a link to track my package. But when I click, it says no information can be found. What does this mean?

If you ordered only one or two items, we have shipped them out via regular mail, which does not include tracking. Sometimes a link is still sent out by the shipping company via their automated system, despite tracking not being available. This is for all orders within Canada, the US, and internationally.


How long does it take for my order to ship from the time I pay online?

Please allow 1–2 business days for processing from the time of placing your order before your package is dispatched.


You send products out via regular mail, so how long does it typically take before my item arrives?

Located within Canada: 2–5 business days

Located within the USA: 5–10 business days. 

Located outside Canada or USA: 6–12 business days

The above timelines are in consideration of regular weather and time of year. Please remember that sometimes Christmas can have an impact on these timelines. Business days refers to Monday to Friday.


I want to receive my products faster, but I don’t see that shipping option at checkout. Is this possible?

Although we don’t offer express shipping at checkout, we can accommodate express shipping for an additional charge. Please contact us using the form in the Contact Us section of the homepage. We’ll be in touch!


My order never arrived!

This is strange... and the only thing we can think of is that someone saw a Fazl product and kept it for themselves. In any event, we apologize! Double-check your tracking number (if you received one) and if your package still seems to be MIA, send us a message using the form on the Contact Us section of the homepage. Please be sure to include your order number and all other related information to make finding your order easier.




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