Other Initiatives

I am a store owner and/or buyer and would LOVE to carry Fazl products. Do you offer wholesale?

We would LOVE the opportunity to partner with you and have our products in your store. We take our customer service and our wholesale relationships very seriously. Please see the Wholesale tab located on the main page to find out more information about our special wholesale rates and the perks of partnering with us!


I love what Fazl represents and am truly passionate about your cause. Is there a way I can be involved?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about what we do and seeking to partner in our cause. If you are interested in being involved, head on over to the Ambassadors tab and fill out an application to become a Fazl Ambassador. If chosen, you’ll not only be helping grow the Fazl brand, further helping children and women in need, but we also offer some great perks including commission on any product sold. Oh yeah and some free swag! We do have limited opportunities at this time, so unfortunately not everyone will be chosen.


I think Fazl products would make a great fundraiser! If only Fazl had some sort of cool Fundraiser program . . .

What a coincidence, we actually DO have a very cool Fundraising program! We call it... “Fazl Fundraisers!” So unique right? While the name of the program might not be super unique, our program is!

We want to help support your cause... which also helps our cause. It’s a double whammy! We want to help you raise money for whatever that might be. Whether you’re a school teacher looking to raise money for your class, volunteer group looking to go abroad, or simply needing funds to pay that darn tuition at university, we’re here for you! We help you sell our product and give a portion of the proceeds to your cause! If this interests you, head on over to the “Fazl Fundraiser” tab - or click here - to get more information. We’d love to hear more about what it is that you’re involved with and how we can tailor our program to fit your needs.




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