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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fazl?

This is a serious sock hop! We want to see you wearing socks that feel good on your feet and make a difference for those in need. We are Fazl Socks, a company that holistically cares for impoverished children in India, and additionally provides income generation for women in need. We believe in empowering all people to live according to their own local standards of wellbeing, happiness, and dignity. We strive to provide sustainable solutions to poverty and believe every act of consumerism counts. So join the movement and Wear the change you want to see in the world.

Why is Fazl?

India is a swirl of colour, a teaming mass of superabundant life. It is a country with gorgeous people, dramatic landscapes, and complex cultures. There is a vitality and intensity to life in India that is nothing less than intoxicating. Yet, within the magnificent beauty of India, there is enormous poverty and suffering. In 2010, a third of the globe’s exceptionally poor (those surviving on less than a $1.25/day) lived in India. Globally, India contains more than one third of all underweight children and 25% of the planet’s undernourished people. We are seeking, alongside our Indian partners, to respond to this crisis.

Who is Fazl?

Our company supports two children’s homes in India that care for and educate orphaned and destitute children. These homes are entirely run by local people, committed to loving, serving, educating and raising vulnerable children. When the idea of selling these Himalayan socks first occurred to us, we also wanted to seize the opportunity to try to provide an income for many ladies in our community who desperately need work. Out of this joint collaboration between ourselves, the children’s homes and local women, Fazl Socks was born.