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About Fazl Socks

Company Overview

Every time you purchase a pair of Fazl Socks you are helping to provide orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education, and clothing. What’s more, we give fair wages to the lovely ladies who knit our socks. We are committed to supporting children’s homes in India that care for vulnerable children and we dedicate 50% of our net profits to this cause. Our company grew out of a deep love for these homes and the sacred work they do. We also provide dignified work opportunities to women in need. Bonus! These socks are fabulous! What’s not to love? So join the movement and Wear the change you want to see in the world.

We believe every act of consumerism counts. What we buy and wear matters; through our shopping habits we can perpetuate social ills or help alleviate them. When you purchase and wear Fazl Socks you are making a positive impact in this world. Be stylish and socially aware!

Production Story

Handmade. Himalayan. Happy Ladies. The three H’s of Fazl socks. All our socks are handcrafted by women in our community and we provide them with fair wages for their work. Through collaborating with graduates from the children’s homes, we were introduced to many women who were financially struggling and possess the incredible skills necessary to create these socks. A beautiful partnership was forged and we are thrilled to be working alongside them.

Social Impact

This is a serious sock hop! When you buy Fazl Socks you are helping to provide orphaned and destitute children with all their basic necessities, and even more importantly, a family that loves and cares for them. The children’s homes we support act as big families and the amazing staff there have dedicated their lives to immersing the youth in love and kindness. This work is of the utmost importance because in the words of Mother Teresa, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

The children from these homes are thriving emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally – and we want to see this continue! The youth have the opportunity to attend university (should they so desire). It has been our honour and pleasure to watch many of the graduates go on to pursue a university education and dedicate their lives to serve those also born into desperate circumstances.


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