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Sittara (Star)

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Sittara (Star)



A star is born. Think more Barbara and less big burning clouds of gas – unless you’re into that kinda thing! This tote might not have come out of a tempest of raging hot space dust (10,000,000 degrees Celsius is what it takes, FYI). But, it did come from a discarded tire tube! (Gasp!) Yes, it’s true! Now it has been reborn, reforged – It is a phoenix rising from the ashes and it wants you for a sidekick. Or a front-kick in this case – Is that even a thing? It is now! Don’t just have stars in your eyes. Put’em on your arm!

This bag was handmade by women and men in need. Not only that, it was once a TIRE and the fabric itself was hand-stamped! How cool is that? 

Don't forget! 50% of net profits goes to orphaned and destitute children AND our artisans are paid fair wages!

FREE Shipping in North America 

All prices are in USD.

Made in partnership with Khushbu. 

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