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Chaandanee (Moonlight)

Fazl Socks

Chaandanee (Moonlight)


Some things are better done in the moonlight. Running barefoot in the grass, strumming a guitar on a window ledge, stealingborrowing your sister’s new shoes . . . wearingthisbag both now and forever more. It’s time to pledge your undying love! Good news is, this bag is also a transformer (but not a robot in disguise or a werewolf). It was once a tire and now it is the radiance of the pale light of the moon on your arm.  

This bag was handmade by women and men in need. Not only that, it was once a TIRE and the fabric itself was hand-stamped! How cool is that? 

Don't forget! 50% of net profits goes to orphaned and destitute children AND our artisans are paid fair wages!

FREE Shipping in North America 

All prices are in USD.

Made in partnership with Khushbu. 

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