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Santosh (Contentment) Hat

Fazl Socks

Santosh (Contentment) Hat


Sometimes contentment means watching the sunset. Sometimes it's a little bit of extra chocolate at the end of a long day. Sometimes it's curling up with a book, while a fire blazes in the hearth and your faithful mutt lounges at your Fazled feet (shameless plug!) It's definitely NOT having your ears contract frostbite and fall off your head! Plunk this beauty on and climb Everest, or your local hill, and feel the warm tingles - for all the right reasons. 

Handmade in the Himalayas from a unique blend of Acrylic and Nylon.

Don't forget! 50% of net profits goes to orphaned and destitute children AND local ladies get fair wages!

FREE SHIPPING to North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. 

One size fits all. If you're head is smaller than a bowling ball but bigger than bowl of ramen noodles you should be good to go!

All prices are in USD.

Footnote: Our has are hand-made by real people. For this reason, each pair may include subtle variations in colour and pattern details from those seen in our photos. The overall colour scheme and design will remain very similar.

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