Welcome to the Mumbai Flower Market!

Flowers Ahoy!

We're all on lockdown and travel is off the docket. So, in the spirit of spring, we thought it would be fun if we took you on a tour––through a tempest of petals 💐 Imagine this is a magic carpet and you're off to a spring explosion! Where, oh where, might that be? The Mumbai Flower Market. We love that in India, more is more. Grab a coconut and Click Here to leap into a whole new world . . . 

A huge thank you to Mathis Bauer for this video, you can follow him @mathisba.at.web for more of his mad skills.

Also, are cooking and baking up a storm while on lockdown? I was thinking I should send you a something fun to try––India is quite possibly the vegetarian capital of the world, which is great when food is restricted. What kind of recipe would you like? 

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and cozy days,