This is One of the Sweetest Stories of our Year

Hey Fazlers,

The pandemic has had devastating consequences for the poor of India. I won't get into the details, but with tens of millions of people trapped in poverty – I'm sure you image the impact.

Many people are donating to try to help provide food for those who are destitute. The staff and children at one of the orphanages decided they wanted to help with these relief efforts. Here's the thing – Some of the children gave ALL the money they had in their savings to the poor. For a few of the smallest children that was around 80 cents. For the little kids, 10 cents is a big deal, but what they gave was completely voluntary and they did it out of a heart of love. 

As the Director of of the orphanage said, "The children teach us."

With so much sadness in our world, I wanted to share with you a story that made me cry, but happy tears.

Peace & Socks,