Stockings in Disguise

So what do Elephant-Trunk-Shaped Christmas Stockings, Zero-Waste Fashion and our Toques have in common?

We set out to make cool Christmas stockings. It’s a no brainer right? Our ladies make the coolest socks and we thought, “Heck yes! Blow them up and bada bing, bada boom!” (Yes, that’s our general thought pattern!) Poof! Fazl Stockings!


Our artisans were totally and completely puzzled by our request for gigantic flat socks, that were not meant to be worn, hung on a wall and filled up with presents by a chubby old man with a beard (Who, by the way, many folks in India think is our winter god). In any case, a few stockings turned out well, but by and large, the project was a bust. Some of the stockings were almost the size of my leg. Many looked like elephant trunks.

At Fazl, we try to never waste any yarn. Ever. Low and behold there is a fancy word for this: Zero-Waste Fashion.

So what did we do?

We started unravelling the defunct stockings and reknitting them as TOQUES.

We like to think of it as a metamorphosis. Go take a look!