Just a peacock making a break for it!

Hey Fazlers!

That was one loooooong road.

What road?

Mike and I travel to the other orphanage we serve once a month - the two orphanages are 7 hours away and we live by the more northern one. The one we just visited is located in the jungle of the Himalayan foothills.

While driving, a peacock almost hit our car! For real. First off, it's incredible those things can fly. Second, when it was mid-flight, I thought it was a woman falling in a blue dress. Nope. Just a peacock trying to make a break for it. Never fear, we didn't hit it - or should I say - it didn't hit us.

I love road tripping in India. The landscapes are some of the most diverse on the planet, and just within the same state, we passed monkeys, purple hills, cacti, pine trees, and of course, that deranged peacock. We're back home now amidst an apple orchard and the cloud-high peaks.

Make sure you watch this space because NEXT WEEK we will officially be launching a new product we're SO excited about. It's super fun, and if you follow us on social media, you might have gotten a whiff of it... 

Until then, you know the drill: Wear the Change, Slay others with kindness and wear gorgeous socks.